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Matt Reeve

Post by matt on Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:26 pm


My name is Matt Reeve. I joined the UBC TC in September 2007 in anticipation of doing my first Tri. I raced the UBC Triathlon in 2008 in the olympic distance and have done another 8 or so races since then, varying from sprints to a half iron and some others in between. I consider myself an all-arounder since I don't really have one leg of the race that stands above the others. However, on Rojo Caliente (my new Argon 18 E-112) I may just become a dominant cyclist, but only if Vince lends me his race wheels!

I am in my fourth year at UBC, but I am in third year classes due to the co-op program. I will be done third year by December 2010 and will continue on to another co-op term from January to August 2011.

Additionally, I am the UBC TC (two time) race series champion, so I welcome any new challengers for the title, because clearly last year's competition has been defeated.

I look forward to racing with you this year!



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