Some Definitions

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Some Definitions

Post by Kevin on Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:34 pm

By Coach Ivan

Some definitions of terms used in swimming (and other) training:

Interval: Interval time is the time that a given distance is swam and it includes the rest time. In other words if the interval time is 2 minutes for 100 meters, you start each hundred at 2 minutes.

Target time: This is the time that it should take to swim a given distance. If target time is 2 minutes for 100 meters, that is how long it should take to swim 100 meters, followed by a given rest period.

Drills: These are exercises to improve your stroke. There are a number of these, often abbreviated as follows:
FD = finger drag
CU = catch-up
8K/1P = 8kick and one pull, or it can be 8K/3P, i.e. 3 pulls
FIST = swimming with hands closed in a fist

KICK: K, if followed by (arrow) means fast.( It is also used for swim.)


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