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Post by Vincent on Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:08 pm

For some reason, Shimano shift/brake levers are designed around a fairly large hand. (I'm curious since most Japanese folks I know are small...) When you're in the drops (ie. the lowest part of your handlebars) and try to grasp the brake lever, they can be hard to reach. One simple solution is to glue/insert a piece of foam into the shifter, but Specialized has a ready-made insert! (ps. you might have to go to the USA site.)

Btw, for those who are really keen, yes, Shimano does make a shifter with the available inserts, ST-R600. I never tried, but it doesn't look like ordering the insert part will work on regular shifters.
http://techdocs. media/techdocs/ content/cycle/ EV/bikecomponent s/ST/EV-ST- R600-2228A_ v1_m565775698306 09301.pdf
Y-6GT-8800/8810, 8900/8910

If you have a lot of issues, Campagnolo is always a good alternative for small hands. As well, the SRAM Red shifters have the ability to be adjusted closer without shims. Unfortunately, I have had zero luck in finding a cheap pair...

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